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New Year’s Resolutions

Ah yes, with the turning of the page of the calendar, it not only brings us a new month but a new year. Do...

Vote for Your Favorite HERO Display Contest Entry!

Our HERO display contest is in full swing for the holidays! We have some great entries from around the country and want to share...

Experience anal pleasure with the right kind of lube

Anal sex. It’s the sex act that some people can’t get enough of or can make people run in the opposite direction. It has...

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In sixth grade we passed an almond around class. Our teacher said this is what a slutty girl is. Not cool teacher!

Yeah! Quit all the slut-shaming! You're just jelly that you can't get any!

Interesting article about talking to daughters about things beyond the birds and the bees. Might be eye-opening!

This article talks about what kind of porn turns women on... Trust me, I only read it for the articles!

Here is our product at@LotionsandLace in San Bernardino! They just remodeled, and it looks great! Good job guys!