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Do I need lube? You sure do!


Lubricants are used for many different reasons: they keep things slippery and slidey and cut down on friction which can easily feel like a burning sensation.  Many women think that a burning sensation may be a latex allergy when sometimes it can just be that they are either not...

ID Lube and pleasurable condom use

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ID personal lubricants, with the exception of our oil based him Cream, can easily be used with any condom including those made of latex or polyurethane. Proper lubrication helps to prolong the integrity of the condom, increase overall stimulation and reduce the possibility of breakage. Oftentimes, when using a...

New Blogs on the Way!

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Greetings! We are happy to announce that our updated website will have some frequent blogging action and we want you to join in! Post a comment, send a link, let us know your thoughts and questions, and we’ll get on them right away. We’ll also post the latest and...

ID Glide Named Best Consumable Product at ETO Awards


Orange County, CA – Westridge Laboratories, the manufactures of ID Lubricants is pleased to announce that the company’s flagship lubricant, ID GLIDE was awarded the Best Consumable Product for the sixth consecutive year at the 2011 ETO Awards in Birmingham, U.K..   The ETO Awards recognize excellence in the...

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Check out our Cinco de Mayo windows!! Special Thanks to our friends at Brand X Video & Unicorn Alley for the use of their windows!