I-D Lubricants New HERO Line Now Shipping!

NEWPORT BEACH – I-D Lubricants is thrilled to be releasing the much-anticipated, action packed line of glycerin and paraben free lubricants: I-D HERO!

I-D HERO is now available in four fantastic formulas, all offered in bright, distinctive 4.4 oz. bottles, with a brilliant POP display for slatwall, shelf, or countertop; a jar of assorted pillows of all formulas; a comic book style consumer guide; and eye-popping posters and marketing tools.  HERO is shipped in 12-bottle cases, an assorted case, assorted pillows by the gross, and the HERO display containing the durable plastic display, 24 bottles of HERO (6 each), and consumer guides.

Now’s the time to spring into action with HERO’s four glycerin and paraben free, latex friendly formulas:

HERO H20                 HERO Super Slick     HERO Heat Ray       HERO Cool Blast

• Water based            • Silicone based       • Water based         • Water based

• Hypoallergenic    • Hypoallergenic       • Gently warming     • Gently cooling

• Long lasting             • Ultra thick                 sensation               sensation

The HERO line also includes the power packed, 2.2oz dual packaged Dynamic Duo that creates four exciting sensations with warming, water based Hero Heat Ray and cooling, silicone based Hero Arctic Blast. The Dynamic Duo is sure to be a best seller for couples!  We are specially excited by HERO Super Slick.  It’s an all new silicone formula from ID.  It’s thick formula is truly amazing!

For the distributor and retail buyer, we have also created an exclusive, complimentary, comic book style HERO Buyer’s Guide that tells the story of each of the four fantastic formulas and includes SKUs, UPC codes, case pack amounts and product-specific information. The HERO Buyer’s Guide can be used to educate your sales team and can be sent to retailers as a reference for their future HERO orders.

If you have a retail store, please contact your favorite distributor to place  your order.  If you have a retail website, put it on your site and sell it. And if you’re a consumer – GET IT! It’ll be fun to show off and even more fun to use!

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” Phenomenon

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about, if not already read, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” first-time novelist E.L. James’s erotic novel about a young billionaire’s sexual ownership over a non-kink college coed. It’s the first book of a trilogy and has managed to make the author a millionaire by becoming the first book to sell more than one million copies on Amazon’s Kindle eReader. This is pretty interesting considering the eBook has beat out (so to speak) the popular titles of The DaVinci Code and the Harry Potter books. With the relative anonymity of downloading and reading an eBook, no one knows you’re really reading an SM novel while you’re sitting in the sub-way (another BDSM reference!) and I’m sure this has contributed greatly to it’s bottom line (I hope those of you reading can get yet another BDSM reference here!). Wish I wrote it!

Many people consider the books “mommy porn” for its appeal to women over thirty and, for many women, their first foray into the world of dominance and submission, something they may have only fantasized about prior to reading the book. The two sequels that follow, “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed,” have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide (eBook and paperback combined).

So what does this say about the state of women’s sexuality in this day and age? Does it mean we really WANT to be in submissive roles? Does it mean that, finally, romance novels are taking us to a new level? Does “Fifty Shades of Grey” allow us to learn more about kink and all of its depth and detail? How about all of the above!

As with any book, be it fiction or non-fiction, if it hooks you in with character development, plot, writing style, or story, and you enjoy reading it, then it’s a good book! Add to that the steamy eroticism that may be created while turning the pages (either paper or electronically), and it sounds like a good combo to me. And now, with all of the lovely and delicious beginner SM tools and toys out there, women and men can stop fantasizing about all these things and actually do them!

So enjoy your “Fifty Shades of Grey” and don’t forget that there are thousands of shades more…

A Busy Month in Lube Land

It’s July and in this business, it’s one of the busiest months of the year. While most of you are packing for your annual summer jaunt, trips to the beach, the lake, or the mountain, here in Lube Land, we’re showing off our products at one of the biggest adult products trade show of the year – the American Novelty Manufacturing Expo, aka ANME. It’s the country’s largest trade show for manufacturers and the all important buyers: everyone from multimillion dollar a year distributors from both the US and from around the world, to the single, Mom and Pop brick and mortar smut store down the street. Thing is, the ANME show is open to the adult trade only and not to the general public. This is the real deal.

It’s the time when everyone comes out with what they think will be the next big thing in the adult world be it vibrators, stimulators, lubes, lotions, s/m equipment, and did I mention vibrators? There’s basically everything you’d see in an adult store and believe it or not, that doesn’t include the ever-popular lingerie (that has its own show, the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, held twice a year). Everyone sets up their booths in secret, waiting to show their products when the velvet rope comes down the moment the show opens.

The latest and the greatest that are shown are the result of months of planning, research, designing, packaging, testing, and then some. Whether the product is hard plastic, silicone, stretchy, vibrating, smearable, or scented, everything is prepared for its grand unveiling at this show.

Of course, we wouldn’t miss having a booth at this show! It’s the opportunity to meet old friends, make new business connections, see what our competitors have and compare our products to theirs. It’s an exciting time of year so when you’re smearing on that tanning butter while lazily lying on the beach, think of us in the pleasure business making the world a better place for you. Yum.

Glycerin is NOT a Sugar! The Sticky Situation of Glycerin in Lubes

Many people have the belief that glycerin in lubricant (a major ingredient in many of them including several of I-D’s best selling ones), can cause or exacerbate yeast infections. This simply is not true. The popular belief is that yeast feeds on sugar, and that’s what glycerin is. But here’s the truth: Glycerin in and of itself is NOT a sugar but a sugar ALCOHOL and does NOT contain the components that actively feed yeast or other bacteria. Again, it is a sugar alcohol and has the chemical make up similar to both of those.

In fact, according to Wikipedia, Glycerol (or glycerineglycerin) is a simple polyol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. Glycerol has three hydroxyl groups that are responsible for its solubility in water and its hygroscopic nature. The glycerol backbone is central to all lipids known as triglycerides. Glycerol is sweet-tasting and of low toxicity and click on the link here if you want to read a lot of chemical compounding mumbo-jumbo about the actual make up of glycerin and polyols. Ah, chemistry… see, you shouldn’t have slept through it in high school.

Glycerin is constantly being confused with sugar because it has a sweet taste and is used as a sweetener in many different low-carb and dietary foods. During metabolization, which is what the body does to break down food in its digestive system, glycerin can be converted to glucose by the LIVER. However, glycerin cannot be converted to glucose in the vagina. For yeast to thrive they need a sugar such as glucose, NOT an alcohol as glycerin is.

So that’s basically what is going on. DIGESTED glycerin WILL change into a sugar in the body when it’s digested through the system but not when it’s smeared in and around the genitals before and during sexual activity. Glycerin based lube will NOT go through the metabolization process and will NOT turn into that pesky sugar everyone falsely blames on reoccurring yeast infections.

 There you have it. According to hard science, glycerin lubricants will NOT cause or add to yeast infections.  If anyone can send me proof that glycerin IS a sugar and nothing else, please let me know. Thanks for reading!

I-D Wins TWO E.T.O. Awards in the UK

We’re thrilled to announce that we won two awards at the Erotic Trade Only Awards held Sunday, June 24, in Birmingham, UK. The awards were for “Best Consumable Brand” and “Best Consumable,” making this the seventh year our product, I-D Glide, has won this prestigious award.

 “I-D continues to be the world’s best brand of lubricant and this award confirms that,” stated Gregg Haskell, president of Westridge Labs. “We are honored to receive these awards, especially “Best Consumable” for the seventh year in a row, for our flagship water-based lubricant, I-D Glide.”

The ETO Awards, presented by Erotic Trade Only trade magazine, is the UK’s only trade show solely for adult products. The show, in its eighth year, highlights manufacturers and distributors from around the world.

For more information about the ETO Awards and the winners in all of the categories, check out this link HERE.


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