New Year’s Resolutions

Making 2013 new years resolutionsAh yes, with the turning of the page of the calendar, it not only brings us a new month but a new year. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Plan on a better year? Forget about last year? Or just call it another night?

January 1 gives us the opportunity to experience a jolt of ideas, creativity, goals and expectations that we set for ourselves to make us healthy, wealthy, and in the long run, wise. It gives us a chance to set the bar higher in what we want to accomplish and gives us the opportunity to let go of what we must to move forward.

Let’s look at health. We know that staying healthy at the weight you are is the most important thing as if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. It’s not only about losing weight but being in shape in the shape you are. It’s just as important to have good mental health as well as physical health, too. New Year’s is a time to reflect on what works for not only your body but your mind, too.

Ah, now the wealth part. Sure, the easiest thing to think about is getting a raise at work, inheriting money from a long-lost relative, or hitting that elusive but winnable lottery. But wealth goes far beyond that. Look at your surroundings and think of the wealth you have with a roof over your head and food in your gullet. And take a moment to think of this: according to the website, 50% of the world’s population lives on under $2.50 a DAY which is an astonishing 3 BILLION people globally. With wealth comes an inner peace and a thankfulness that goes beyond dollars and cents.

Wisdom is something that comes with life’s experiences. The ups and downs, the failures and successes, the curveballs and home runs and the lifes, the deaths, and the experiences that make us who we are. Taking life in moments gives us wisdom and experience with each passing breath, to live in the moment and not the past, to move forward into the future fearlessly, strongly, and with wisdom garnered from just a moment ago. For all of the new year and the years beyond that.

So take a moment to take yourself there for the new year…. And don’t forget the lube.

Vote for Your Favorite HERO Display Contest Entry!

Our HERO display contest is in full swing for the holidays! We have some great entries from around the country and want to share some of the clever displays we’ve received. The participants are competing for THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes of ID Lubricants!

The contest is open through Christmas and is open to all brick and mortar stores carrying ID HERO Lubricant as well as websites offering HERO.

Just click here for an entry form and information about the contest.

On display from Charlotte, NC is The Red Door with their image showing off their display of HERO lubricants. A little feather here, a little feather there, and voila! A HERO display contest entry!

The Red Door

From Charleston, SC is Chateau Xperience with their full size HERO figure as part of the display. The <BAM!> <POW!> images are actually hanging from the ceiling, too! Best of luck, Chateau Xperience!

From The Chateau Xperience

Three Star Books and Video in Ventura gets into the action with a lube wrestling scene featuring HERO Lube. Those dolls are getting all the action!

Three Star Books and Video

Not to be outdone, has wall papered their site with HERO! Nice job! Click on the link to check it out!

So vote for your favorite display in our HERO display contest with your comments below, on our Facebook page, connect with us on Twitter to vote, and look at our Pinterest page to cast even more votes for your favorite! And stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on January 2nd! Best of luck everyone!

Experience anal pleasure with the right kind of lube

Anal sex. It’s the sex act that some people can’t get enough of or can make people run in the opposite direction. It has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation and is one of the few sex acts that everyone is capable of being on the receiving “end” of. Oftentimes, people experience pain and discomfort during anal penetration and that has to do with the lack of the three must-haves for pleasurable anal penetration: Relaxation, Communication, and most of all, Lubrication. Let’s look at each one of them in more detail.

Relaxation is key in order to open up and allow for penetration. Guess what? The anatomy of EVERYONE’S sphincter muscles is the same! The sphincter is made of rings of muscles beginning with the outer ring that one can see when given the opportunity. It has a brownish tinge to it surrounding the pucker of skin that is the anus. The inner sphincter is somewhat visible by gently pushing out as if starting a bowel movement and will have a much brighter, soft pink tone to it. The goal is to relax these normally tight muscles to allow for penetration by fingers, toys, or a penis.

Communication is key in order to have one’s partner not force themselves into an unrelaxed anus. This is what can contribute to having a painful, instead of pleasurable, experience. Communication is about letting them know to ease up, slow down, or continue because the sphincter muscles are relaxed enough to accept what is being put inside. Oftentimes, when the receiver is the one controlling the pace of insertion, they will be aware of how relaxed their sphincter muscles are and can let their partner know when to proceed.

Last, but certainly not least, Lubrication is key in keeping things slippery and sliding enough not to cause excessive friction and tearing the delicate anal tissue. Yes, the interior of the rectum is thinner skin than one might think and using PLENTY of lube is always mandatory. There is no naturally occurring lubrication in the anus and rectum so using plenty of lube will always contribute to a more pleasurable anal experience. First apply lubrication to the outside of the anus, then begin to gently push it in which will also relax the anus as well. Continue to apply lube generously, before and especially during, penetration.

Speaking of lube, we are especially proud of our latest product, BackSlide, which is made specifically for anal penetration. We have spent the past two years developing this lube in order to get it to the right consistency and have the perfect ingredients. Wonderfully thick BackSlide won’t slide off fingers, toys or penises and is silicone based so not as much as is needed vs. a water based lube (silicone contains no water and therefore doesn’t evaporate and or sticky). BackSlide contains clove extract which helps to naturally and gently desensitize the anal area. Another unique ingredient in BackSlide is spilanthes extract, an herb native to Brazil, which is a natural muscle relaxant that gently works while using BackSlide.

So remember the three must-haves for pleasurable anal penetration and use plenty of lube! And have a good time while you’re at it….

Announcing Our first ever DISPLAY CONTEST FOR RETAILERS!

Do you have an adult business? Run an online store? Here’s your chance to win LOTS of ID Lubricant with the HERO window and in-store display and internet landing page contest! The contest begins October 15 and runs through November 30 and is open to all brick and mortar stores in the US as well as internet retailers.

Now’s the time to promote HERO – the new action packed line of lubricants from ID Lubricants! The HERO display contest is the perfect way to create your Halloween-to-Holidays window and in-store displays. The brilliant colors of the HERO line will turn your customers into buyers in advance of the busy holiday season.

The HERO display contest is to raise your customers’ awareness of the newest brand of lubricants from ID. By seeing HERO lubricants prominently featured in windows and displays in stores around the country and promoting it during the holiday bridge season, consumers will learn about the product and make it stand out of all the others. Also, by becoming a highlight of internet business’ landing page, the HERO lubricants’ product awareness will continue on line as well.

To enter the contest, stores and internet retailers need to download a contest entry form and guidelines from the special website after October 15, and submit at least one photo. Window, in-store, and counter top displays are all eligible. The entries will be posted on the website and the social media outlets Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Internet retailers can enter by customizing their landing page to feature HERO lubricants and can be entered by emailing active links to

The displays will be judged on creativity, originality and how many times the HERO bottle is featured in the display. The winners will be determined not only by judges from ID Lubricants but which entries get the most “likes” on Facebook, retweets on Twitter and pins on Pinterest.

The top three finishers in the brick and mortar category will win the following awards:

1st  place: $2000* of ID Lubricants    2nd place: $1000* of ID Lubricants

3rd place: $500* of ID Lubricants

all winners will receive HERO t shirts for each staff member

*and that’s WHOLESALE price so that’s a lot of lube!

 Best landing page wins $1000* of ID Lubricants

Winners will be contacted Dec. 4 and announced on December 5 via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on the website.

Further information is available on our special contest website website or by emailing

Do personal lubricants stain fabrics?

We always get asked if our lubricants stain fabrics – in particular, sheets.

First of all, to understand staining, one must understand fabric. There are many, many fabrics out there so let’s focus on a few that are commonly used for sheets.

There’s all kinds of cotton: Egyptian cotton, combed cotton, many threadcounts of cotton (and other fabric but it mostly refers to cotton), etc. (For those of you who want to know, threadcount refers to how many threads are in an inch of the fabric and the higher the threadcount, the “richer” the fabric).

There’s all kinds of blends: polyester/cotton for ease in care, “T shirt” knits, and many others.

Don’t forget the specialty fabrics such as silk and satin and flannel and many, many more.

And lots of us use lube on them…

Here’s the scoop: All of our water based lubricants DO NOT stain fabrics of any kind so use them with confidence. When you wash the sheets, the water breaks down the lubricant so it will easily dissolve. That’s pretty easy!

But what do you do when you use our silicone based lubricants like Millennium, Moments, Velvet, or our latest products, HERO Super Slick or BackSlide anal lubricant? Or our only oil based product, him Cream? What to do?

First of all, don’t panic! Here’s a few things to remember when it comes to laundry time and your precious sheets.

* Use a detergent that dissolves grease. There are many extra strength detergents out there, just make sure  you read the labels to make sure you’re using a good, strong one. You can also use grease-busting dish detergent like DAWN.

* After washing, inspect the stain while the fabric is still wet, after the spin cycle, and if the stain did not come out after washing, DO NOT DRY IT! Drying tends to set stains. Simply add the grease-fighting detergent directly to the stain and wash again. The stain should lift after the 2nd wash.

* If all else fails, there’s an excellent stain remover that works on far more than just silicone lubricant. It’s called SoiLove and it’s available in many dollar stores, too! That’s done the trick for many of our customers who inquire about silicone stain removal and is oftentimes the best first defense for removing stains in your sheets and clothing as well.

So feel confident using the ID lubricant of your choice without having to worry about ruining your sheets. We’re all about you having worry-free pleasure!