Hybrid cars aren’t the only thing that will take you places…

By: TC - February 17, 2017 - no comments

Whether you’re a woman with an addiction to all things beauty or your life revolves around “let me check my calendar” – finding multi-purpose products that can kill two birds (or FIVE) with one stone is a go-to trend. That’s why many women love our premium, hybrid formula – ID Silk.

Silk is 90% water-based and 10% silicone-based – so what does that really mean for you? It means that it has the best features of water and silicone in the SAME formula. With hydrolyzed silk protein, ID Silk feels real. It’s long lasting so if you want to maximize playtime, be our guest – or at least bring one. It means that it’s ideal for silicone toys and if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness or have sensitive skin, ID Silk will be your new best friend.

We don’t believe your hybrid car should be the only thing saving you money and getting you there.

We don’t think BB cream should be the only thing serving more than one purpose in your overnight bag.

ID Silk will mesh with your lifestyle and give you a reason to make the time. Fit us in. #MakeSexGreatAgain

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