Do personal lubricants stain fabrics?

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We always get asked if our lubricants stain fabrics – in particular, sheets.

First of all, to understand staining, one must understand fabric. There are many, many fabrics out there so let’s focus on a few that are commonly used for sheets.

There’s all kinds of cotton: Egyptian cotton, combed cotton, many threadcounts of cotton (and other fabric but it mostly refers to cotton), etc. (For those of you who want to know, threadcount refers to how many threads are in an inch of the fabric and the higher the threadcount, the “richer” the fabric).

There’s all kinds of blends: polyester/cotton for ease in care, “T shirt” knits, and many others.

Don’t forget the specialty fabrics such as silk and satin and flannel and many, many more.

And lots of us use lube on them…

Here’s the scoop: All of our water based lubricants DO NOT stain fabrics of any kind so use them with confidence. When you wash the sheets, the water breaks down the lubricant so it will easily dissolve. That’s pretty easy!

But what do you do when you use our silicone based lubricants like Millennium, Moments, Velvet, or our latest products, HERO Super Slick or BackSlide anal lubricant? Or our only oil based product, him Cream? What to do?

First of all, don’t panic! Here’s a few things to remember when it comes to laundry time and your precious sheets.

* Use a detergent that dissolves grease. There are many extra strength detergents out there, just make sure  you read the labels to make sure you’re using a good, strong one. You can also use grease-busting dish detergent like DAWN.

* After washing, inspect the stain while the fabric is still wet, after the spin cycle, and if the stain did not come out after washing, DO NOT DRY IT! Drying tends to set stains. Simply add the grease-fighting detergent directly to the stain and wash again. The stain should lift after the 2nd wash.

* If all else fails, there’s an excellent stain remover that works on far more than just silicone lubricant. It’s called SoiLove and it’s available in many dollar stores, too! That’s done the trick for many of our customers who inquire about silicone stain removal and is oftentimes the best first defense for removing stains in your sheets and clothing as well.

So feel confident using the ID lubricant of your choice without having to worry about ruining your sheets. We’re all about you having worry-free pleasure!

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