A Busy Month in Lube Land

By: IDLubeMaster">IDLubeMaster - July 12, 2012 - no comments

It’s July and in this business, it’s one of the busiest months of the year. While most of you are packing for your annual summer jaunt, trips to the beach, the lake, or the mountain, here in Lube Land, we’re showing off our products at one of the biggest adult products trade show of the year – the American Novelty Manufacturing Expo, aka ANME. It’s the country’s largest trade show for manufacturers and the all important buyers: everyone from multimillion dollar a year distributors from both the US and from around the world, to the single, Mom and Pop brick and mortar smut store down the street. Thing is, the ANME show is open to the adult trade only and not to the general public. This is the real deal.

It’s the time when everyone comes out with what they think will be the next big thing in the adult world be it vibrators, stimulators, lubes, lotions, s/m equipment, and did I mention vibrators? There’s basically everything you’d see in an adult store and believe it or not, that doesn’t include the ever-popular lingerie (that has its own show, the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, held twice a year). Everyone sets up their booths in secret, waiting to show their products when the velvet rope comes down the moment the show opens.

The latest and the greatest that are shown are the result of months of planning, research, designing, packaging, testing, and then some. Whether the product is hard plastic, silicone, stretchy, vibrating, smearable, or scented, everything is prepared for its grand unveiling at this show.

Of course, we wouldn’t miss having a booth at this show! It’s the opportunity to meet old friends, make new business connections, see what our competitors have and compare our products to theirs. It’s an exciting time of year so when you’re smearing on that tanning butter while lazily lying on the beach, think of us in the pleasure business making the world a better place for you. Yum.

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